7 Gorgeous Hamptons Rentals to Lock Down Now

7 Gorgeous Hamptons Rentals to Lock Down Now

PSA: There are only 52 days until beach season. That’s plenty of time to find a cute new swimsuit, figure out your summer reading material and rally your squad. But the window for finding the perfect Hamptons rental will be closed long before then. It’s not too late: We found seven gorgeous houses all over the East End that still have availability (and some of them are actually affordable). Better get a move on.


Why yes, we will be taking our breakfast on the patio, thank you very much.


We’re already planning the amazing dinner parties we’d throw in this bright, airy house (and the rosé we’ll be drinking in the backyard).


You know what they say about people in glass houses…that they have incredible views of their own private beach.


Can’t bring yourself to get sand on that new swimsuit? No problem: Just take a plunge in this glorious pool instead.


Charming sun-beaten shingles on the outside, luxe all-white furnishings on the inside. We could gaze out that window all day. 


If your Hamptons crew is a big one—say, for a birthday celebration or a family reunion—this massive complex has you covered, with seven bedrooms, an infinity pool and a tennis


Oh, just a backyard fire pit, a hot tub and a giant terrace. Nothing to see here.

Bram Vreeker

Bram Vreeker

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